30 June, 2006

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So anyways, I scored. Big time. At the Value village. How did I score?

Two cashmere sweaters. Oe 100% cashmere, one 70% cashmere. They fit me. (Which in itself is amazing) for... $3.99 each. *Shock*

I have pictures.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Closeup of detail on the 100% cashmere sweater. There are two of these triangles at the bottom, pointing up. Hey, look, I have boobs.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The whole thing.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The 70% cashmere 30% silk sweater. So nice. So nice.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting There is a small stain here... can I remove it? How?

I bought these for yarn, because they were marked a SMALL...but tried them on for shits and giggles. They fit my sometimes 3x body. I'm amazed. I think I'm going to frog the boobie pointer outer, but I really would like to keep the other one. Even if the photo does make it look like something Remus Lupin would wear. (Bitch wanna fight, I'll get my Fenrir(s) on him!)

28 June, 2006

Hooray for the Harry Potter swap!

After anxiously checking for mail every ten minutes sincelast friday, it's finaly here! My swap package! I hurried down to the post office and, after a boring chat with the postal lady and a rush back to the car, I had this box!

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Ohnoes! Snape is inside! I worry, afraid that a full sized greasy potions master is going to pop out of the box and snark at me if I open the box. Fortunatly, no full size Snape pops out. Instead...

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Goodies, lots and lots of goodies! From left to right, the Half Blood Prince's copy of Advanced Potions, a Fenrir Greyback (!!!!) felt pouch, a Voldemort (!!!!!!!!!!) made out of felt, a snowglobe with a wee Snape inside (who is trying to curse his way out)and a tshirt with I heart Bad Boys on it. In each of the letters is a picture. I believe it goes Snape, Tom Riddle, Snape, Snape, Voldemort, I dunno but he looks freaking evil, and Snape again. Yay! It fits, but I'm afraid to wear it and ruin the pretty lettering.

Now you need some detail shots, don't you? Of course you do. Let's start with the book. It is hand made. (!!!) An so nice and *hugs it*

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Some of the dead useful inside pages (And lovely pictures-- is that meant to be young Snape bent over his exam, as is described in Book 5?)

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And all of this, my friend, adds up to a neat journal that SeeMe will never use. Because it's so freaking cool. (And because I don't want to annoy the former owner--Dumbledore annoyed him. Look what happened to Dumbledore.)

Next, Fenrir pouch.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting !! Grr!

And, Fenrir pouch with Fenrir portfolio-thingy-in-progress:

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They keep trying to kill each other!!

Voldemort plushie:

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I keep singing the potter puppet pals themesong while playing with him. Somehow, in shipping, his hand nearly came off! Is there anyway I can fix him invisibly? Woe.

And my snowglobe:

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Hooray for green glitter! And there are things in there that are either snitches or flies.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting A closeup of the lettering. And of course, an action shot...

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I made out like a bandit. I hope she gets everything I made her...! And soon! And I hope she likes it!

Oh, sexified.

I was hoping for a semi-desktop like publishing thing, like Livejournal has, but the "blog this!" thing will do. For now.

11 April, 2006


Can you see the goat?
This is a picture of the barn, with our scary ghost goat! BoooOoooOo. No, I'm just yanking ya. That's Jake, our pygmy goat!

And now, onto the pictues of Finished Objects that I have pictures of!

Sarah's Armwarmers. These armwarmers were made for a friend of mine who had a birthday. I made them out of Red Heart Shetland chunky and a white Mystery Eyelash yarn held together. It was originally to be a Ribbed For Her Pleasure scarf, but when I realised just how little time I had left, it became a pair of armwarmers for her. The look on her face was wonderful when I gave them to her--turns out her father had kicked her out of the house the night before. And she was just speechless that someone had made her something. It made me feel good.

Me showing them off with my fat fat hands.

She wants a riot she wants a riot! The finished produt of that bag what I posted forever ago. Imagine my shock when I find a bag like this in the Happy Hooker. Ah well, such is life.

SeeMe felts, too. These are bags I made recently. The green/purple ine is my Boog(er)a bag. I made it out of something that is "similar to Lambs Pride", that I got in a trade on the knittyboard. It's fuzzy! And green! And purple! And I still have a ball left! And yes. This is my bag that I use to cart my knitting around in the house, and sometimes out. I just wish I'd made a longer strap. Boobies! Also, I made my mom a smal felted bag to go wiht the sweater I knitted her. (Will have pictures of that later on.) I used the Keyboard Biologist Small Felted Bag with Partition pattern, leftover Paton's Classic Merino, and four strands of the most horrible yarn (Paton's Silverlash) ever to make the edging, plus, like, eight tiger's eye beads my mum had. I love this. I love the partition mostly. Oooh, look, it's awesome.

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A closeup of the bag. Squee!

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And this isthe result of a swap. It was the "DIY Kit Swap" on craftser.org. I got "How to koolaid dye yarn." I LOVED it. It smelled so good and was so fun-plus, I got to try out Knitpicks Dye Your Own. Now I know I love it. And I can't wait to dye more! Squee!

That's all for now. <3


03 April, 2006

*sheepish grin*

Hi, how's it going? Been a while, uh? Yeah... yeah...

Well, I did finish a lot of things, recently. Like, within the last four months... A long cardigan for my mother, a felted bag, a jacket for myself...

but, uh, I don't have any pictures. See, I've gotten into a deal with Len's Mill Store in Brantford--I knit something, they display it for three months, and then I get to keep it. I pay for nothing except any notions used to finish said article of knitting, and needles, if I need them. Which I usually don't. Anyways, I won;t be able to take pictures of them until much, much latr--but still, if you're in the Brantford Area, go to Len's Mill Store and see my pretties. ^_^

Yeah. I'll update more when my arm don't hurt..heh.

19 February, 2006


I got sick. The natural forces that be do not want me to start a Stich and Btch in Brantford. I've been sick for two bloody weeks. *sighs* Ah well. I'll try again Monday. Maybe. If I can breathe.

11 February, 2006


Edgar: A scarf so cool, Jack Sparrow himself stole it.

Borrowed! Borrowed without permission.

Phase one will begin on Monday.

Well, Internet, you have not been helpful to me on working on my Stitch and Bitch project. So, I must go forth into that good night and kick some serious ass! I didn't get to do anything this week because I got sick. It sucked. Anyways, Monday I will hit the streets of Brantford with a vengance. I have picked out the date (Thursday, 5-8pm), but I need a place. I have written down a few places, and on Monday I will check out those around the Colborne area (near my school) and then, from Tuesday, we'll go on. However, if there are any Branfordians out there who have an idea, let me know.

Working on the flyers now. Once I find the place, I'll print them out and hang them up all over Paris, Brantford...anywhere I can, really.

Yep. I should probably make a website... but you know what? I'm gonna wait and see if anyone actually wants to do this, first.

03 February, 2006

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Very well, Brantford. You hath given me nothing.

Unless I find out very quickly that there is a "Stitch and Bitch" or some other kind of knitting/crocheting/Needlework group in Brantford, I shall be forced to start my own!
So, if anyone's in Brantford, let me know. I don't live in Brantford, but I am there to learn things. I'd like to have an S-n-B group or something going there.